World Salam Day

World Salam Day

The World Salam Day is an annual movement to spread the propectic message of Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin( Peace and Mercy to the entire Universe)

The World Salam Day aims to cultivate the values of peace and love between human beings in general; and especially to the non-muslims. The Prophet Muhammad SAW is a bearer mercy to all the worlds and the World Salam Day is a celebration of this message.
The realisation of this effort hopes to mainstream the message peace and love.

The World Salam Day attaches our heart to the Prophet Muhammad SAW, expresses love and awakens the yearning of Muslims from all nationalities and race towards the Prophet Muhammad SAW. As a sign of the ummah’s unity towards the love of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, countries like India, Malaysia, Syria, Ghana, France, Luxembourg, Kenya, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, America, Australia, Indonesia, Togo, Canada, Bangladesh, Brazil, China and others will be joining World Salam Day.

The World Salam Day took place on the 1st December 2017 around the main cities of the countries involved with the World Sufi Center .