Naqsh Tourism Festival Uzbekistan

    The NAQSYBANDI TOURISM FESTIVAL : UZBEKISTAN 2018 is a 7 day festivity aimed at strengthening the spirit of brotherhood in-addition to a spiritual experience that is unique in the blessed land of the ulama and auliya.

    There are eight major Naqsybandi masyaikh maqam in Uzbekistan.
    They are.
    1.Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Syekh Abdul Khaliq AI-Gajduwani Ibnu alImam Ab Jamil q.s.
    2. Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Syekh Arif Riwukari q.s.
    3. Al ‘Arif Billah As Syekh Mahmud Al-Anjir Faghnawi q.s.
    4. Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Syekh Ali Ar Ramitani q.s
    5. Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Syekh Muhammad Baba As Samasi q.s.
    6.Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Syekh Sayyid Amir Kulal bin Sayyid Hamzah q.s.
    7. Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Syekh As Sayyid Bahauddin Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad Asy Syarif Al Husaini Al Hasani Al Uwaisi Al Bukhari Q.S
     8.Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Syekh Nashiruddin Ubaidullah Al-Ahrar AsSamarqandi bin Mahmud bin Sihabuddin q.s.

    Plus many other Maqam of major Ulama like Imam Bukhari, Imam Maturidi, Syaidina Qasim ibnu Abbas r.a and other not forgetting viewing one of the 4 original copy of the Uthmaniyyah Quran.

    We are organizing a seven day Naqsybandi Tourism festival where we shall have a lot of dzikir, salawat, quran recitation, shubah and nasiha from esteem masyaikhs n n visiting all 8 naqsybandi maqam and the main ulama in Uzbekistan.

    From: 7 to 14 Nov 2018.

    Bukhara and Samarkand is also called Bukhara Shareef and Samarkand Shareef. This is because of the numerous auliya resting there.These auliya are resting.

    InsyaAllah we hope to have an event, the NAQSYBANDI TOURISM FESTIVAL where living auliya shall gather in a place where many auliya of the past rest.

    P.S. And they are alive….and the alive visiting the alive

    So far the following shaykh have confirmed participation.

    1. Sheikh Mohammad al Habib DB. China. Jahira Naqsybandi.
    2. Sheikh Dr Mohammad Rajab Dib DB. Naqsybandi alKhalidiah.
    3. Sheikh Kazi Rezaul Haque DB. Bangladesh. Naqsybandi Khas Mujadidi.
    4. Shaykh Alsharif Abdullah Alhusaini Naqsybandi Mujadiddi DB. Morocco .UK
    5. Mufti Uzbekistan DB. Naqsybandi
    6. Sheikh from Turkey, Naqsybandi Al Khalidiah.
    7. Hadzrat Zulfikar Ahmad Mujadiddi DB.
    8. Sheikh from Indonesia and Malaysia.

    More are being invited.

    In honor of our beloved Sheikh Bahauddin q.s love for Rasulullah s.a.w , we shall have special Salawat and Burdah during the Festival which fall at the start of RabiulAwal 1440.

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    We thank you for your interest and we pray that Allah swt reward you for your love of His auliya.

    We hope to see you during the NAQSYBANDI TOURISM FESTIVAL.

    Thank you.

    Sheikh Abd Kareem Said Khadaied Mujadiddi.
    Exec Sec